Male vs Female

This is the second most asked question that we encounter as a breeder. Choosing between a male or a female canine is strictly a matter of preference. From our experience, we will say that males seem to be more protective of their surrounding areas, and females seem to be more protective of their family.


  • The German Shepherd male is larger in size and more masculine in structure.

  • The size and masculinity of a male, most often is intimidating to strangers.

  • Males are generally more territorial of their home. The marking of their home can be a problem. But if trained properly, the problem can be controlled. Neutering can help with the problem as well.

  • Male German Shepherds tend to bond to one person in the household more than others. It is usually the person who is training, feeding and spending quality time with the dog.


  • The German Shepherd female should be smaller in size and feminine in structure. 

  • The female dog is Ideal for a family, will protect her family (her pack)with a much stronger desire then the male.

  • Female German Shepherds make for sweeter and friendlier companions.

  • Female German Shepherds tend to be gentler and friendlier towards their owners and people in general. However, keep in mind that your dog's temperament depends on his/her socialization skills.

  • Female German Shepherds are less territorial and usually display equal amount of love for the entire family. While some dogs may become inclined to a single family member, female German Shepherds care for all of their family members.

Whether you opt for a male or female pet, expose your puppy to new people and surroundings from a young age so that they grow up to become well-mannered and well-rounded dogs. While in some ways choosing between a male and female German Shepherd is a matter of personal preference. Overall, this breed makes for a trustworthy, friendly and lovable companion that is bound to bring joy to any home.

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